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Nefes is my meeting point & happy place  for conscious connected breathwork and systemic coaching.
Ever since 2010, I have been training in and practising conscious connected breathwork and it has become an integral part of my life and self care practice. I am inspired by the miracle of the breath and love sharing it with others.

Systemic coaching (family constellations) is the other pillar of my work. It is a perfect way for looking at your life and the blockages you may experience, within the context of the system you are part of.  Systemic coaching can be enjoyed independently, or In combination with breathwork, thus becoming a powerful tool for transformation and integration.

On my blog and in the menu you can find a variety of information on all of the above as well as quotes, stories and articles that inspire me and hopefully you, too!

Enjoy your visit and make yourself at home. I look forward to meeting you!




27-30 October, 2022,  Sakarya, Istanbul, Turkey
Yoga & Breathwork Retreat

"Back to our Roots"


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Nefes is Turkish for ‘breath’ and I have chosen this name for my practice as a tribute to the place where I received my first sessions and to the friends who trained me to become a qualified facilitator.

After practising breathwork for many years in Istanbul, I moved to The Netherlands in 2017.
Nowadays I am based in 't Gooi, in the center of the country. I facilitate breathwork sessions and systemic work (family constellations) for groups and for individuals. (on a one-to-one basis).

For the group sessions I work together with my good friend Nathalie, who is based in The Hague.

Nathalie is a well sought after yoga teacher who also facilitates breathwork sessions for individuals and groups. In addition, she has translated and edited the training manual for Inspirational Breathwork. Nathalie initiated the first training for facilitators of Inspirational Breathwork in the Netherlands, in 2021. The next one has been scheduled to start in April 2022.

Nathalie and I are co-trainers for the facilitator trainings. Together, we form a powerful duo and complement each other perfectly when holding space for a breathwork or constellation session.

Şermin and I are nefes-buddies in Istanbul. We shared many sessions together and assisted in each other's workshops. Şermin's other source of inspiration is 'A Course in Miracles'. She translated the entire course from English to Turkish and facilitates study groups that focus on the teachings and principles of the course.

Demet is my dear friend who first introduced me to breathwork. She has brought Inspirational Breathwork to the corporate world in Istanbul and together with Şermin she is hosting & giving the Inspirational Breathwork facilitator training in Turkey, all in her own lively, bubbly and inspiring way.





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Friday September 23, 2022
Breathwork Group Session The Hague
Time: from 7 till 10 pm.

Location: Yuwa Lijfstijlclub, Den Haag
Price: 60 Euro per person.
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"Enormously warm & loving presence of Annemieke. Re-minding & returning to myself, my body and raw & sincere feelings. Every time into a deeper layer; becoming more part of who I am."